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About Us

I was born on July 27, 1959 in Havana, Cuba. Since my birth, I have also been raised around cooking. My father and uncle owned a restaurant called "El chattanooga", which was later taken away in 1968 by the Cuban government.

I have always been very devoted to the culinary. Since I arrived to this country in 1980. I have been working with my uncle/partner on our restaurant. Exquisito Restaurant. I also home the kitchen on Tuesday and Wednesday.

All the knowledge I have gained on cooking, I owe to my uncle, Heliodoro Coro, who has guided me and shown me the ropes. From washing dishes and pealing plantains to putting together a dish, he has passed on his expertise to me.

I am currently certified as a Florida Food Manager by the Department of Professional Regulations of Florida. In 1984, I graduated from Miami Dade Community College, but I also studied in FIU College of Business Administration. I have been invovled in many community activities and organizations such as The Latin Quarter Association, Little Havana Development Authority, Mariel Group, S.B.O.C. Viernes Culturales and many more.

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It has been 30 years since El Exquisito Restaurant was simply a cafeteria adjacent to the old Teatro Tower and only sat 16 people. The cafeteria was purchased by Heliodo Coro and his previous partner, Wilfredo Perez in 1974. Together they worked to transform the 16 person cafeteria into a restaurant that sat 55 people. Since that day in 1977 the quality and freshness of our food has satisfied our client's palates.

It Is very admirable to see how one small place, through the help of family and the determination of a person, became the preferred restaurant of many politicians, athletes, and those in between.

By 1992, the restaurant was bursting with clients, so much that we could not accommodate all our clientele and in this new era, I came into the picture. Together we began remodeling which led way to our most recent addition of a new locale with a capacity of 75 persons in an even more welcoming environment. Following the remodeling, the Exquisito restaurant started forming a strong character and our clientele doubled so much that we sometimes are not able to accommodate all our guests.

In 1995, the New Times selected Exquisito Restaurant as "The Best Cuban Food in Miami", the same year Exito Magazine selected us as "The Best Cuban Creole in Miami". The following year Exito Magazine also named us as "The Best Tamales in Miami" and this year New Times recognized us as "The Best Fried Pork Chunks in Miami", in their "The Best of Miami Edition".

All that is left to say is that our restaurant guarantees our clients freshness, quality, and of good attitude, allowing our clientele to become part of the amazing family of the "Exquisito Restaurant".

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